Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Print your own decals (transfers)


When I showed a picture of my Garden Rail Mostyn 7 van, someone asked me where I'd got some GR transfers from. I explained they were a print-your-own waterslide set but couldn't find the details. 

I've used the same stuff for the shipping container, and have tracked down the supplier: 

Expert's Choice decal system. 

I use the clear background version. Simply run them through the inkjet printer, spray with a few coats of satin varnish, leave to dry and then use as normal. Microsol and Microset seem to work on them to make the sheet, which is a bit stiffer then "proper" transfers, bend over lumpy bits of the model. 

They work well for this sort of job, but if I'm honest, the Humbrol varnish makes them slightly yellow, and you need to put them on a white background as of course, the printer doesn't print white. Maybe I could use a different, or just less, varnish.

Basically, if Fox Transfers do something suitable - use that. If not, this will work, but isn't as good.


John Fletcher said...

This is a topic that has been exercising me for some time. I'm aware of the print-at-home waterslide decal sheets, but many railway vehicle inscriptions have white in them. The fictional railway I'm building will include a (white) Yorkshire rose in its crest.
There used to be a UK custom decal printer, but when I contacted him he said he'd stopped because he was too busy with other aspects of life. I eventually tracked down an Aussie who does them, I haven't tried him yet - I'm waiting for my graphic designer son-in-law to help me produce my graphics.
They're not cheap: an A4 area cost A$66 at 2020 prices plus A$9 postage, around £40 total. But that could be a lot of OO scale decals. Smaller sheets for less cost are available.

Paul B. said...

John - there's a new company called Custom Model Decals which might be worth a google, I've not used them myself but reports are good so far.

John Fletcher said...

Thanks! I'll look them up.