Friday, February 05, 2021

TMNR Times

Friday posts here tend to be a bit collectory. Well, this isn't something I own, but I'd certainly like to change that.

Between 1963 and 1966, Tri-ang produced a 10 1/4" railway system. Yes, a real ride-on railway. 

Obviously these are very rare, but a surprising number still exist in various stages of repair. If you own one, you really need to join the Tri-ang Minic Narrow gauge Railway society.  

Normally the in-house magazine is just for members, but the latest issue has been made public, and it's well worth a read with interesting articles on the history of the models.  

Read the TMNR Times. 

And if anyone has one of these going begging, let me know. Heaven knows where I'd put it though! 





James Finister said...

Trust me if one ever comes my way the ELR will be converting from 7 1/4"

Nick Brad said...

Maybe you could house it alongside Howard's 10 1/4 gauge loco, if he ever returns to it. ;)

matt scrutton said...

a friend of mine had a garden railway (with two terriers of all things), and most of the rolling stock was built on the TMNR bogies.