Monday, February 08, 2021

Ash Models 16mm scale Lowmac


Spotted on eBay, this Lowmac (OK, that's the BR classification and not really appropriate for this, but I'll stick with it) looked like it might be useful for my railway. Buildable in 32 and 45mm gauges, I have a few ideas for loads that could be strapped to the back - especially for advertising Garden Rail

This kit is supplied laser-cut in MDF with glass-filled nylon wheels and couplings. No instructions were included, but it's hardly rocket science to slot the bits together. 

I'm assuming you are supposed to pick the chassis sides to suit the gauge, but for 32mm, that would leave gaps in the cross members. 

I used both, but chopped the inner ones back. The wheels are a tight fit on their axles, so I'm hoping I can slide them in and out to fit the track. No axleboxes are included and for 32mm, they will be needed to stop the axle sliding to the side. 

Once built, the wagon was treated to a coat of sanding sealer, then a couple of coats of spray primer, sanding between each one. The finish is OK, but not very polished. 

The finishing touch is a set of tie-down rings soldered up from copper wire and fitted into plastic plates. I'm wondering if they should be at 90 degrees to the way I've fitted them, but it's too late now. 

Nice model, easy to assembled and ideal for my purposes. £25 well spent.

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KCD said...

They probably should be rotated 90 degrees. Imagine trying to attach multiple tie down straps and you can see the problem, I think.