Saturday, July 03, 2021

Saturday Film Club: The secret life of the sewing machine

Not the most obvious choice perhaps, but this is one of the films from Tim Hunkin's wonderful "Secret Life of Machines" TV series from the 1980s. Each one explained, in simple but not idiot terms, how different devices worked. 

It's worth checking out the other videos in the series if you are too young to remember them, even if someone has to explain what a fax machine is!


john gawman said...

Hi Phil,I too was a Secret Life "fan" way back and have viewed all the original series on you tube,complete with the updates at the end.The series Tim did on component descriptions as well are well worth it.Tim is a very unassuming but knowlageable chap,with a great skillset,much like yourself.

Phil Parker said...

Thanks for the compliment John. Not sure I know where my great skillset is though - in my broken toolbox perhaps? :-)