Saturday, July 10, 2021

Saturday Film Club: The ugliest loco on the Isle of Man

Much as I love all the Isle of Man railways, number 18 "Ailsa" is in any eyes, pug ugly. Built for work on the London Underground as a contractors loco, it was never meant to be seen much above ground. Moved to the island in 2000 to help with laying a pipeline under the railway, it transferred into the fleet as a shunter. 

Unusually, it ran the length of the line months ago, hauling a couple of steam locos to the place they were going to be stripped of asbestos. This video shows that train in operation. 

It also provides plenty of views of this ugly duckling. Handy, because it's so ugly, I'd really like to model it. There are already a lot of photos in my collection, I just need a plan (and some time).


Grahame Every said...

Good to see a blog entry again Phil, these days any small gap in communication instantly makes one worry that it's the virus. Hope your break was just needed and not forced upon you. I too have a special place in my heart for plug-ugly machines of whatever purpose. I have been known to frequent construction sites watching some of their weird-looking contraptions. Watched one recently swallow enormous chunks of masonry and expel 'used' bricks, individual and mortar-free, ready to make an old-looking wall. Fascinating stuff.

Stay well Phil, and everyone else.

KCD said...

Glad to see you back. I enjoy reading your blog every day. Would really miss it if you packed it in and quit writing.

Phil Parker said...

Grahame - No virus, just things getting on top of me and needing a break. Now, I'm back and there are posts set up for next week already.