Monday, May 29, 2023

Fame is, R7361


Parkers Newsagents
I am properly famous. Never mind having your name in lights above a theatre entrance, or appearing on billboards. There is a building in the Hornby Skaledale range named after me. 

When sitting through the new year announcements last December, this model, R7361 Parkers Newsagents (I'm sure there should be an apostrophe), it was heavily hinted that the name wasn't a coincidence. 

You can argue that they have to call it something, but I've known the people at Hornby for a long while, so have decided that the model is named after me. 

Inside the box is a rather nice building. Not perfect of course, and in the July issue of BRM, I've made a few modifications, which have ruined its collectable status. I'll have to buy one and keep it mint. They probably worked that out. It's a marketing ploy...

You can buy Parkers Newsagent from Hornby.


Jeffrey Showell said...

Any comment on the bricked over window directly in line with the chimney stack? If there's anything I've learned about structure modelling, it's that this should never be.

Phil Parker said...

Yes - it's wrong. I suppose I should look at filling in the wall one day with some Plastikard. Of course, if it's butted up against another building, this will be hidden, probably the easier way to deal with it!

Graham P said...

Well I don't know because I don't have a model in front of me, but if it is two rooms deep the chimney stack could divide just under the roof line and serve front and back rooms,their by allowing a window between the two flues,
I have seen quite a few windows between the split of chimney flues in old buildings,but usually in slightly old built housing stock than this represents, as the saying goes never say never ! Some sod will prove you wrong

Graham p said...

Just took a second look at the model, four chimney pots !
So that flue does split to serve front and back rooms as well as upstairs and down,
Phil, you can leave the blocked up window alone it's fine.and not in line with the flues at all unless all four fire places in a two story house/shop. Are one above another?

James Finister said...

I know some models in the range are based on real buildings. I have seen a ghost fireplace like that where the house next door has been demolished, usually by a bomb. Mark Casson has modelled that look well on Grime St. I wonder if the designer has misinterpreted that