Monday, July 01, 2024

HGLW Wittenberg Schafer Loco - chassis


When a blog project morphs into a magazine one...

I've had a Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works kit for the Wittenberg Schafer Loco sitting on the shelf for a few years. Looking for a fun blog project that didn't involve soldering in the heat of the summer, I dragged it to the workbench and started building. 

Then someone dropped out of September's Garden Rail, and I realised that this would fill the space very nicely. Of course, that limits its use on the blog, but I can provide a few tasters, the full step-by-step build (complete with cock-ups) appearing in the magazine. 

Starting with the chassis, this is far more impressive than I had expected. the steel wheels and axles run in proper metal bearings. A pulley and rubber band system give the model four-wheel drive, which should make it very handy for the next "Layout in a day". Those wheels also provide plenty of low-down weight which I hope will help with the wobbly plastic track.

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James Finister said...

I have one in my "TBD" box. I'm torn about whether to build it in the guise of an OHE, a BE or fit a radiator somewhere.