Sunday, July 07, 2024

Spotless Water


Spotless Water

A question for the live steam fans - have you tried Spotless Water in your boilers? 

Recomended to me by one of our boat club members, who is a proper engineer, so should have half an idea about this stuff, the water is ultra filtered to remove all Total Dissolvable Solids. It's not distilled, or deionised, the later being notorious for eating loco fittings. 

Out of curiosity, I picked up four pints of the stuff, for a grand total of 13p - that's the pay-as-you-go price, and will drop when I get my dongle, allowing them to bill me directly. I'll try it at a nearby steaming session. 

To date, I've been using water from our tumble drier, filtering it to remove any traces of fluff, but I'm never convinced I get everything. There's no fluf to be seen, but you can't see tiny fibres. I'm happy to pay for piece of mind.

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