Sunday, February 11, 2007

Show preperation

brm show plan
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This time next week, I should be driving back from the BRM Show in Harrogate. With a bit of luck the weekend will have gone well and we’ll be considering stopping at a Little Chef en route for traditional post show meal.

This means that today, the Hellingly Hospital Railway layout has had to be erected for testing. It’s a pretty simple model without much to go wrong but I still like to check everything out anyway. If I’m going to have to fix anything my preferred venue is at home a week ahead of the show rather than after a three hour drive and sat in the middle of an exhibition hall.

Everything ran OK. I tried one of the electric engines and the latest steamer. Both covered every inch of the track without problems. No dry joints are present at the moment. The points work as well. Best of all, setting the stand up now means I can make sure I take everything I need and don’t remember a vital part 300 miles from it !

This might all be a bit of a waste of time however. The picture shows the plan of the show I’ve been supplied with. It looks suspiciously like we are behind a pillar. Now the model only has a 3 ½ foot long scenic section so if the pillar is a couple of feet wide then visitors aren’t going to see very much.

Let’s just hope that the plan isn’t that accurate.

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