Sunday, February 18, 2007


We've just got back from the Harrogate show and unloaded the car. I am now too tired to do much in the way of a post, however in case you are interested, here's how the weekend worked out-

Friday: 5.5 hour drive up a blocked M1 to the venue. Either the road was non-moving thanks to roadworks at the junction with the M18, or covered in rain and spray so I couldn't see where I was going. It's difficult to decide which was worse to be honest. We got to the hall OK and set up the layout fairly quickly. The floor plan had evolved enough so that we weren't directly behind a pillar. After a nice meal of pie and chips (I had 3 bean chili after a bad encounter with a steak & ale pie at a show last year) off we head to the hotel. This meant following the instructions printed off the interweb by the nice show organisers, or it would had they not missed out two lines ! In the end some random driving around Harrogate resulted in our arrival at the very nice hotel. A quick freshen up later and after a stroll we found the only pub in Yorkshire that doesn't do proper beer..

Saturday: Excellent breakfast. Busy show. Freezing cold hall. Very friendly and chatty crowd. Layout works well with only one dry joint. Picked up a few bargains. 3-course meal in the evening (this is what your subs pays for BRM subscribers. Thanks) and then a bit more beer and sleep.

Sunday: Bit of a panic as I thought I'd lost my wallet. Canceled my card and then found it again. Nice breakfast. Managed to investigate some ancient history as all the yoghurt's were several days out of date... Cold venue again and as it was a Sunday less in the way of crowds. Still friendly though. Packed up in 20 minutes and then drove for 2.75 hours back home. Unloaded. Checked e-mail and deleted loads. Posted to blog.

I'll do more tomorrow and maybe manage some pictures.

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