Friday, February 01, 2008

Finished Shanty

Finished Shanty
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After a week of postings, I suppose it’s time for me to shut up about the crossing shanty and show you the finished model.

Once the roof was tiles, I put on the self adhesive ridge tiles and flashing around the chimney. This is a reasonably clean whitemetal casting. It’s a bit wonky in the picture and I like it like this – gives the model character don’t you know…

The roof was painted with a nice terracotta colour with individual tiles picked out with thinned rust colour before the first coat had dried properly.

Glazing is supplied in the kit. It is laser cut although the process doesn’t work as well on thin plastic as it does on wood. The parts took a bit more separating from the sheet. Perhaps this is due the properties of the material, you don’t want the laser hanging around too long or the heat will re-seal the cut.

The brick base is in the kit – or at least the wood bits were, I used some Paper Creek brick paper for more solid looking foundations. I think Superquick weathered brick would look better but they don’t make it in 7mm scale.

The model still needs weathering and an interior. The former will wait until a suitable site is found on a model railway layout not yet built. If I dirty it up now I’ll find the colours I’ve used are wrong !

At the end of the day, this is a lovely kit for a very attractive building. It goes together well and is fun to make. Cost is just over £16 in the UK. I certainly plan to try other models from the range – in fact I’ve got a couple on order already.

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