Saturday, February 05, 2011

165DS Progress

165DS Progress

I've not mentioned the Ruston 165DS locomotive for a a little while but I've not been idle. The model now has handrails around the bonnet. This and the cab have been mounted on the footplate below which various boxes have sprouted.

Aligning the cab is made easier by 4 holes in the floor and footplate through which you can fix 0.5mm wire. I soldered the wires in the footplate and then slid the cab in place. A simple but effective system.

The same thing can be done with the bonnet but I didn't bother. With the cab in place as long as the nose is equally spaced between the sandbox fillers then all is OK. I just tacked it in place, ran a square over it and then soldered wherever I could. Along the front edge 100 degree (lower than normal) solder was used along with lots of flux. There's a bit of detail I don't want to flood and several etchings that could easily come unsoldered if I have to use too much heat.

And my delicate fingers holding all this metal as it gets warm.

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