Sunday, February 06, 2011

Seeds of Change

As you are reading this blog then you will be familiar with Phil Parker the writer on model railways, boats and even aged VW's.

However for various reasons I've branched out with a friend into fiction. We've written a book, called "Seeds of Change". It's very funny (oh yes it is - think a mix of Tom Sharpe and chick-lit) and now we are looking for a publisher. Sadly the ones who've published me so far aren't interested in this sort of thing.

Anyway, here's the back of the dust jacket:

The BMW 3 series pulled into the underground car park beneath one of the classier apartment blocks in town. Kate Smith, managing director of KOD Associates, was tired but instead of leaping out of the car she turned off the ignition and stared into space for a moment to take stock of her life. Great job – tick, great flat – tick, great wardrobe – tick but something was missing.

Kate Smith, a woman with the world at her Jimmy Choo clad feet has almost everything – a successful change management company and an impressive wardrobe. There are just a few things standing between Kate and global domination – including a business partner, Gareth Forthington-Williams, who holds the business purse strings.

Along comes HIA – the Horticultural Investigation Agency, a motley collection of scientists and ground staff whose enforced unemployment the Minister, Sir Desmond Barrington MP, hopes will give him a leg up within the government.

Can Kate and the team at KOD survive closing down HIA to keep the Ministry happy and give Kate her financial independence. As the boffins fight back, moles surface, giant cabbages take suicide leaps and the entire cast of Friends are rampaging in the fields. It’s every man, woman and legume for themselves!

As the HIA staff leave her wardrobe in tatters, Kate has one other problem to deal with – her old flame. Can she save her precious shoe collection and get her man?

By now you are gagging to know more, well don't worry, there is a website:

where you'll be able to read about how the book came about and get regular updates on our efforts to get it turned into a printed form, and not just a load of pages from ProntaPrint !

And of course, if you have any contacts or can help get us into the bookshops, then please get in touch.


David Smith said...

Phil, Is it a coincidence that you used my wife's name. or do you know something I don't?

Phil Parker said...

You'll have to read the book to find out !

neilart2 said...

Best way to start out unlesss you have a very large pot of money is by publishing as an ebook . The best known is Amazons Kindle but there is alo apples iBook app for their phone and the iPad. They use different file formats (Apples i open source) though essentially both use HTML files. You can go the POD route as well (print on demand). Either way you then need to market your book which is where the real skill comes in!

Phil Parker said...

Neil - For "Seeds of Change" we'll start by trying for the traditional route. However I have an idea for a book on Melbridge Dock which I think will work better as POD.

The good news on the marketing front is that the other half of the writing team is a marketeer so is looking forward to the challenge !