Friday, February 04, 2011

Industrial Birmingham

Warehouse TowerA couple of weeks ago I went looking for a building in Birmingham. To be specific, this building which used to be a warehouse for builders products. It has a wonderful tower complete with Munsters/Bates Motel style roof. I thought I wanted it for a future project but as it turns out, the building wouldn't be right for what I have in mind.

However, the trip did give me the opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for a while - go for a stroll around the industrial areas of south Brum, often seen in the BBC Series "Hustle" pretending to be London, and take some photos. Seen from the train there are some fantastic and very modelable buildings on offer. At ground level this proves to be the case. I particularly like anything with a precast concrete window lintel - 'cos it's a lot easier to build than those with curved tops !

Anyway, it's Friday so why not have a look at the full set of pictures on Flickr.

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Stuart said...

Great start to Friday. I grew up in Brum - lot's of memories in those pictures. Not sure how to model the canal and get the same atmosphere!