Thursday, February 24, 2011

New tyres for a Thunder Tiger fishing boat

Thunder Tiger fishing boat

In our fleet of radio controlled model boats are a couple of ready to sail vessels from Thunder Tiger. They are a fantastic way of getting on the water for not too much money and very little effort. There are cheaper boats for sale, but these come with proper radio control equipment so you can sail with your friends without frequency clashes. The quality of construction is excellent too - decent fibreglass hulls topped with wood and plastic superstructures.

Of course being RTR, there are plenty of identical models out there and so people have started modifying theirs. It's interesting that one of the most popular photos I uploaded from Brighton Modelworld is of a repainted and detailed boat the same as the one I have.

Looking at my boat on the water, I quite like the colour scheme. It's bright and modern, just like the boat. What I hated more than anything though were the perfunctory tyres acting as fenders. On a 1:24 scale model, they were just too tiny. More like wheelbarrow tyres than the second hand car ones that would have been used in real life !

At the show, Mac's Mouldings came to the rescue with some nicely cast resin versions of a more suitable size. For a mere 50p each I now had some decent size, if slightly solid, fenders. A quick spray with primer and then some satin black car spray and the modelling was done. Raiding my Mum's sewing supplies for suitably thick thread to tie them on with (I do have something in the modelling stocks, but can I find it ?) and a little nifty knot work (Hint: Superglue soaked into the "rope" sticks it together and is easier than tying a knot. Unless you are a 1:24 scale boy scout of course) finished the job. As you can see in the comparison shot above, the larger tyre looks a lot better than the original tiddler.

Now, where can I get some suitable fishing net ?


Tony said...

I'm not an expert on such tings, but I wonder if fish-net stockings come in a suitable mesh!

Duckie. said...

Try the netting off tangerines Phil