Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cutting board

Old cutting board
I knew it was time for a new cutting board when at the Southampton Model Railway Exhibition - but it wasn't until I compared the old and new boards I realised just how bad the old one was !

Most modellers own a self-healing cutting board nowadays. The rubbery surface is great as it stops whatever you are attacking with a knife from slipping around. The surface doesn't show the slices either so you are usually working on something flat rather than a wooden board covered in nicks and bumps.

Mine shows the results of attempts at using a bow pen, the little lines around the edge, when I need to see how wide the line produced will be. I normally have more luck on the board than the model, perhaps I should paint my models with rubber rather than paint !

Of course there is the normal dirt from weathering powders and spilt paint - I know, I should do this work on a wooden board and not rubber but sometimes I can't be bothered. At least I remember to move it when soldering. Most of the time anyway.


Michael Campbell said...

Mine has a distinct bow that won't flatten, from where I put down the hot glue gun. Doh!

Rob Waller said...

And mine is warped to buggery from repeated accidents with bottles of solvent which means it's not much use at all when making long cuts on thin sheets of styrene. So I end up doing those on the desk which is not good.

I've been too tight to invest in a new one but I think you might have just shamed me into it, Phil.

Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

Phil - you should put the old board on Ebay with something like "as seen in The Railway Mudeller & Horny Mag" just for a laugh?

Phil Parker said...

Hmmmm - Chris, you might have something there. I better get the board out of the bin...