Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Review: A Little Saw by Andy Clark

Publisher: Andy Clark

ISBN: 978-1976814907

A5 softback

63 Pages


Andy Clark runs the popular Workshop Shed blog. This first foray into print publishing is a spin off from his tales of making things on-line and part of the effort to encourage more people to have a go at making things with their hands.

Saws are one of those tools we all use, but frequently don't understand. Why is there such a bewildering array on say at our local DIY shed? Why do we need more than one? Don't they all do the same job?

They don't, and in this book, Andy explains the difference between 10 different saws and the jobs they are best suited for.

I learned a little about teeth, especially those for garden saws, but then the book isn't really aimed at me. It's perfect for anyone looking to do more woodwork but struggling a little. Both young and old will appreciate the larger than normal text and diagrams for each tool.

OK, at 63 pages, it's not going to take you long to read through but then that's not the point. We're not talking about an academic tombe, it's a handy guide to be kept on the shelf for when you are faced with a task requiring a saw. At this point, Andy takes you by the hand and points you in the right direction.

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