Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Filling the calendar up

The new years sees me trying to get a handle on all the events I need to try to attend, and there are quite a lot of them in the next 12 months!

The problem is that so much happens at weekends and this results in lots of clashes. I think it's time we re-organised the week to include "Week Middles" a couple of time a month. These would be like weekends except that they would be on Wednesday,

An extra day off twice a month would allow 1-day events to find new spaces in the calendar. People would have lots of new places to go but as these only take a day, they won't travel as far so the local economy will improve. Everyone benefits.

We'll even become more productive - at the moment UK workers output is lower then French workers, and they very sensibly spend most of their time on holiday or at lunch.

Most importantly, people would be happier and modellers might get through their piles of projects a little bit faster!

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Andrew Howard said...

Until fairly recently, many market towns had half-day closing every Wednesday afternoon to allow workers to use the town market for their shopping.

Pretty much every shop in the town (including national chains) would shut and everyone got the afternoon off.

Always struck me as a very civilised way of doing things. The example I had in mind was Penrith in the Lake District, presumably some places still do it.