Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Hellingly Hospital Railway weighbridge hut

When I built my model of The Hellingly Hospital Railway, one of the great frustrations was the lack of information on the weighbridge hut. I appears in the corner of a single image in the first edition of Peter Hardings book and Peter was able to let me see the original image which reveals a bit more. Apart from that, nothing.

I've asked dozens of people who knew the line and uncovered no further details. That is, until I browsed the Britain From Above website, typed "Hellingly" into the search and found these two images.

You can clearly see the hut tucked behind a set of garages. Zooming in (I can't post those images to the blog, you'll have to go and look yourself, registration is free) it looks like, I didn't do a bad job with my model although I didn't put the end window in. Maybe I'll build another version one day...

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James Finister said...

In those photos, for some reason, it reminds me of an American shortline. A combination of the conifers, ungated crossing, wide road, a house with a big verandah?

It also looks like it could be built to suit a corner site.