Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Brick and stone

Brick and stone building

Mystery building time. All I know about this is that I took the photo while on the Ecclesbourne Railway.

The design also seems a bit of a mystery. Why brick AND stone? Was the original building stone and the brick is a development? Surely that would be almost as expensive as knocking it down and starting again? It's certainly a very neat join.

That said, the results are very attractive and this would make a nice model. Perhaps a prototype for that day when you run out of brick or stone Plastikard and the shops are shut, but you have some spare sheets of another finish...

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Paul B. said...

Does the brick cover the 'public' side of the building? Brick could have been more expensive than stone when the building was built, so for the sake of appearances and a bit of prestige it could have been built with a brick frontage and local stone sides and rear.
My house, like many others in Derbyshire, has a dressed stone front and rubble walling for the other walls.