Sunday, January 07, 2018

Steaming Saturday

One of my tasks for 2018 is to get out and about visiting lots of garden railways. Late December isn't ideal for this, but luckily enough there was a 16mm Association group having a Saturday steaming session one afternoon on an indoor layout.

Turning up at the barn, the welcome was warm - both from the wood burner in the corner and members present. We enjoyed a couple of hours watching small locos chuff around the portable layout set up for the session.

I'm keen to go back again, but feel a bit out of place without a live steam loco of my own. Another objective this year is to fill this gap in my stock list. I've felt that I could do with a "pet" loco that starts of very basic and gradually is worked on to personalise it.

For the moment, battery electrics are allowed on the track between steam runs, so that's what I'll start with.

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Richard said...

Was good to meet you - glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope you have now been added to the group mailing list for garden meetings. And best wishes with selecting and modifying a live steamer of your own!