Sunday, January 14, 2018

Scoutrail 2018


The first show of the year within sensible driving distance for me is Scoutrail at Kidlington. I've exhibited there many years ago and used to be a regular visitor. Circumstances have prevented me visiting for a few years but I've made up for that this year.

Over time, the show has morphed into a large scale event with relatively few smaller scale layouts. That's good news for me with my new hat on and I certainly enjoyed looking at some live steam locos trundling around. This Regner vertical boiler model particularly caught my attention as it ran exceptionally well and looked great.


Going small, how about a layout in a coffee table? I've not seen one of these for a while and as long as you love N gauge, it just shows how much action can be delivered in a small space and one that could find a home in your living room at that!

N gauge layout in a coffee table

In 4mm scale, urban MPD, Byway, caught my eye. A small layout with excellent colouring and enough detail to fill the scene but not so much it looked cluttered.

Urban water tower

My favourite was Frampton on Severn, making its exhibition debut. Proper OO with Peco track, the modelling is lovely and it's very much the sort of thing that many modellers could aspire to. The sort of model I like as if you are new to the hobby but aspire to higher standards, it's within your reach.


My point is that OO doesn't have to mean ready to plonk buildings - you can do lots of work yourself with kits and scratch building to make your model very much your own.

More photos on Flickr.

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