Friday, August 23, 2019

Mallett's Models signal box

Another mystery kit - a signal box from Mallett's Models.

Inside the box, which I bought for a fiver out of curiosity, is a pile of wood and some instructions.

When assembled, the result should (apparently) be a 16mm scale model of a Lynton & Barnstaple 1935 signal box.

My L&B photo collection is minimal and looking on-line I can't find anything that looks like this.

I also can't find out anything about Mallett's Models. The tape on the box suggests they produced rolling stock kits. I assume they were also wooden wonders - can anyone fill in any more details of either maker or the prototype? 


James Finister said...

Lynton Groundframe I'm sure I have vague memories of these kits

Tim Illingworth said...

It's at Lynton (and may still be, for all I know.


Phil Parker said...

Thanks for the link - very useful, but obviously not a well-photographed building!