Monday, August 12, 2019

HLW stake wagon

Stake wagon

A few weeks ago I wrote up building some HLW wagon kits for the garden railway. At the time I didn't mention there was a fourth kit in the stash for a flat wagon. 

The plan had been to build all the models as a batch, but when I came to do it, there were only enough axles for 3 models, the other pair having been lost along the way. 

I dug through the stash of bits and couldn't find anything long enough and of sufficient diameter, so the odd-one-out wagon stayed in its bag which I looked around for something suitable on-line. 

Eventually, I settled for some sourcing map HSS Lathe Round Rod Solid Shaft Bar 3.5mm Dia 100mm Length 5Pcs via Amazon.

May weeks later, these arrived. First problem, they were too fat for the wheels, so I had to drill out the wheels, stub axles and axle boxes to suit.

Then I had to cut the metal to length. No saw would touch it and neither would files. In the end, I used a slitting disk in a Dremel. Lots of sparks but it worked well and I soon had everything fitted together.

The wagon rolls just as well as the "proper" ones and I think looks great. Once I have tidied up the garden line, I'll be able to give my new goods train a run. 

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Paul B. said...

Looks like you bought High Speed Steel, a hardened steel used for making cutting tools, rather than mild steel, which is why nothing short of a grinding disc would touch it. Personally I prefer silver steel for axles etc. which is ground to size and can be cut with a saw but is also capable of being hardened for making cutters (fly cutters for shaping the bottom of boiler fittings for example).