Friday, August 30, 2019

Mystery Jinty at Hornby

Another mystery. In Hornby's visitor's centre, there is this mystery. ]

No label explains what it is, but I'd say an O gauge Jinty. It's in a display of the early years of the company from the days when several businesses were absorbed into the group. Since I'd snuck in before opening time, there wasn't anyone I could ask.

I'm not even sure what the material is. Plastic? What for? 


Anonymous said...

It looks like a master carving for making the inside of a injection moulding tool. Made of wood, plastic, resin or whatever at perhaps 2,3 or 4 times full size. It would then be put on a Deckel type of milling machine (think of a precision pantograph engraver) and the shape would be transfered onto the metal injection moulding tool.

It was the standard way of making intricately shaped moulds in the 1950's to 70's before spark erosion and lasers came in.

Brian G

Phil Parker said...

Of course!

I'd forgotten about pantograph milling machines, even though I'd really like one.


Mark said...

Another option, which I think more likely given the base and complete lack of undercuts would be a buck for vacuforming. But why anyone would want to do that in this case I'm not sure.