Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Building more plastic walls

 A little sequence of photos showing the construction of the final big bits of the Selly Oak walls. 


All the work is carried out with 2mm thick own brand plastic from Eileen's Emporium -  I think it's a little softer than Plastikard. It's also easy to work and cheaper. Bricks are from South Eastern Finecast. Glues are Revell Contacta, Mek Pack and Limonine for laminating. 

An evening's work and a very pleasant one at that.


Anonymous said...

Nice work.

Are the branded HIPS adhesives really any different to MEK which is available at a fraction of the price?

Phil Parker said...

Probably not, but I'm happy with Mek (it's not actually Mek any more, but still retains the name) and by buying the big bottles, it's not a massive part of my budget. On that basis, I'm not inclinded to experiment.

There's also a bit of me that says I ought to support our manufacturers or they will disappear. That, and for work projects, I like to be able to tell people exactly where to get products, and that place should be a model shop, not a random website.