Monday, November 23, 2020

Mystery spool


In the random bag of tools I bought from the MRC, is this one. It appears to be a wooden handle with a chuck fitted in the end. The jaws look to be able to hold drill bits 2mm diameter and above. 

That's not a problem, I've pin-vices for the smaller ones and sometimes drilling with the larger ones is very useful. In the past I've used a chuck designer to fit in an electric screwdriver which isn't the comfiest thing to hold. This will be better. 

There is a mystery though. Housed in the handle is a spool of string. It can be removed by unclipping a metal cap on the end but would rotate is pulled while still fitted. 

Can anyone suggest what this is for? The best I can come up with is lining up bricks, but those are spikes, not drills.


Geoff said...


I initailly considered a dual function as a plumb bob but your photos don't show if there is hole in the centre of the cap.

Another option would be to chalk the string and then use it to snap a line onto a flat surface - and then use a drill in the chuck to mark hole positions.


Howard said...

I believe it to be what may be known as a "sewing fid"...for the repair of canvas or boat addition to the spool of heavy thread, the handle would have also held an assortment of needles and all-type points...


Colin said...

This appears to be what you have
How To: Sew using a Speedy Stitcher

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this

Brian G

Phil Parker said...

That's it!

When I pull the bigger brass collar off, there is even a curved needle inside.

Thanks very much everyone.