Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Paint your arches


Underneath the arches, we have some lock-ups and these also need paint. 

Boringly conventional, the woodwork starts with Revell Number 9 - Anthracite Grey - for both front and back. The the doors are painted grey or brown. I couldn't make my mind up about the later, so ended up painting it one colour and then a second shade before it dried. The effect looks OK though. 

What I'm aiming for here is colour that no-one notices. They need paint, but in sufficiently muted shades that they hide in the background, which I think I've managed. 

The canal will need a dust though.


Anonymous said...


Looking good so far.
Just an idea for later on, what about a few weeds (Buddleia) growing out of parts of the viaduct walls especially the ledges.


Phil Parker said...

Don't worry Pete - there will be greenery to come!

Not that Selly Oak wouldn't be absolutely perfect in the 1970s of course...

Huw Griffiths said...

No - of course not ... .

I don't know why - but I had an image in my head of the bridge being put on its side - then paint being streaked on using one of those kids' brushes with bent plastic bristles (to give the doors a signature distressed / woodgrain look) - and some glue, varnish or a bit more paint being dabbed on to allow for a scattering of ground foam ("Oasis?").

Of course, at this point, it all became a blur to me ... .

Joking aside, it's looking good.