Thursday, August 04, 2022

Debranding disaster


Removing the "UK Border Force" lettering was easy enough. The vinyl letters peel off reasonably easily. Start the peel by sliding a knife under the edge of each letter and it comes away reaonably cleanly. Half an hour, saw the characters removed. 

One thought - I wondered if the letters were hand-cut as they are an "intersting" typeface. My guess is not, but someone really needs to take a look at themselves if they think a British boat is going to be emplazened with such a childish typeface. It's one step away from the evil Comic Sans. 

All was going well until I started on the front "SAR" letters. Suddenly, the paint came away from the hull. Picking at it (probabloy not a great idea), the orange seemed to adheared very poorly. In fact it lifted in sheets, just like those letters. 

Oh dear. 

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