Monday, August 15, 2022

Grant Shapps revenge?


Picket line diorama
Over on World of Railways, I've written a step-by-step discription showing how I built a topical diarama - a picket line of striking rail workers

I'll admit I'm very pleased with the way this little model came out. Apart from the 3D printed figures (ModelU), it's all pretty basic materials, including a lot of emulsion paint. 

Anyway, the model has been living in my office photo booth, a safe space I thought. That is until I extraced a little photo plank on the self above it. This caused anther little scene to plumet onto the picket line, and the results are not pretty. 

The resin figures didn't fair well, shaettering, then spreading their remains all over the place. I can't find two of the bodies for a start. 

I'll have to rescue the two intact people. They can live in the model people pot until I can find another use for them. 

But, why did this happen? Is it the ghost of Transpot Secretary Grant Shapps hurling dioramas around the room? It must have been a pretty accurate hit...


Andy in Germany said...

The shape of things to come perhaps?

Christopher said...

Bad luck, and unfortunate timing!

Curiously, and in connection with yesterday’s post touching on the impact of 3D printing on model-making, I was thinking that Modelu figures would be useful if they were carefully cast in pewter…. Not only is the extra weight helpful in some situations, but they won’t shatter when subject to catastrophic force as you have demonstrated! 3D-printed resin figures in exposed locations may not be such a good idea then.

Woody said...

Following on from Christopher's post this does raise a question about the structural integrity of 3D printing which I know nothing about but is something that could affect the long-term use of this media. Is this something you can shed any light on please Phil?

Luke Stevens said...

I've had a couple of resin figures "de-arm" themselves whilst still in storage. I wonder whether there is some kind of unresolved stresses in the models?


Phil Parker said...

No idea about the long-term viability of figures. It's not something I'd really thought about - but I will now have to ask. Thanks for the ideas!