Monday, August 01, 2022

A very shiny Cylon


Cylon warrior
A quick little project picked up at Smallspace. This 35mm tall (to the top of his hat) 3D printed Cylon Warrior (from the original Battlestar Galactica in case you didn't know) only cost a couple of quid and seemed like a bit of fun. 

Only later did it occur to me that it was the perfect test subject for a recently purchased Liquid Chrome pen. 

Liquid Chrome pen

I'm a bit cynical about silver paint that claims to look like chrome, but I'd read about these, and the seller assured me that it was every bit as good as promised. I know, but I have some faith in these guys, and since they turn up at shows, I can alway go and moan. 

However, I was pleasently surprised. The paint is on the thick side, perfect to hide the layers on a 3D print, and dries quickly to a very high shine. You really can't tell it's not proper chrome. 

On balance, I should have bought the 1 or 2mm wide tipped version as getting in the tight areas on the figure was impossible. I picked up some paint on a small brush to get around this - it works if you are quick and apply more than you might normally do. 

All this went on a satin black paint job from a Halfords rattle can. Working out which bits should be shiny wasn't east as this seems to vary, and there are a lot of replica costumes out there with odd interpretations of the "uniform". 

All in all, I'm impressed. This stuff isn't cheap, but it's worth the money. Pity that they don't produce brass and copper versions - not those would be really useful. 

Molotow Liquid Chrome website.

I bought mine from


James Finister said...

There are makes who do other metallic markers.
And the latest trend seems to be non-metallic metallics (NMM).

If I understand the theory these are meant to avoid the overscale effect of using metallics

Phil Parker said...

I've watched a few NMM videos and it's an interesting concept that I need to look into further.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Imperious Leader will be pleased!