Monday, August 08, 2022

Even ugly people are useful

Look at these two. Pretty much everything that is wrong with 4mm scale whitemetal figures. The bloke especially has some "interesting" proportions - the photo actually makes him look better than he is!

Both were found at the bottom of my figure box when searching for seated people to populate a tramcar. For this role, they will do the job perfectly. You can't see them properly through the windows, but you will be able to see that there is a figure in there. Hence my perfunctory efforts at painting. No need to spend lots of time, or use highly detailed (read: expensive) miniature people. 

And it's better than throwing them away.


Anonymous said...

Langley Miniatures?!

Phil Parker said...

Don't think so, although some of their figures are "interesting". Suspect it's from some long-lost model supplier and I've acquired them in a box from under a table at a show.

Luke Stevens said...

A Neanderthal, perhaps?