Thursday, February 23, 2023

A quick look at the Quarry Hunslet in BRM

Quarry Hunslet

The Spring 2023 issue of BRM is a little light on Phil content this time - I've been busy on a load of other projects which have eaten my time. There isn't even space for a video, although that is due to an embarasment of other excellent content. 

What we do have is a quick look at Bachmann's 009 Quarry Hunslet, and the new RNAD wagons. I've given them a test, and even recorded a running video to accompany the review. 

I have been out with the camera though. First, we have Kathy Millatt's excellent Port Dinorwic. 

Port Dinorwic

Inspiration for the shoot came from the Hornby TV show. I spotted the layout in an early episode and since Kathy is just down the road from me, sent her an e-mail and arranged a hurried photo session. TBH, if I'd seen the layout at a show (or paid enough attention to her YouTube channel) I'd have asked to take some photos a bit earlier. As it is, the appearance coincides in the magazine, with Jenny Kik's layout from the same series. 

Next, we have Ben Sharich's Tamcester.


We're on a mission to ensure there is at least one N gauge layout in each issue in the future, and that's helped by finding quality models like this that will look good on the page. There is plenty of super-quality RTR out there, and now the layouts are appearing that make the best of it. Excellent news!



Simon Hargraves said...

As a (sometimes) N gauge modeller, it's really nice to see N layouts featured on a regular basis. I think it's especially suited to the modern era as it gives scope for things like block trians in a reasonable space and the bright liveries stand out well.
I'll try to pick up a copy of BRM at the weekend, also saw Kathy Millatt's layout on the Hornby programme and Youtube so it'll be nice to see it in print as well.

Phil Parker said...

I agree about the block trains - there is a Stafford layout feature on the way that makes the best of this in N. Looks great.