Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday morning exploring



Since the Festival of British Railway Modelling doors don't open for exhibitors until 8:30, and I tend to get up early, last week, I found myself with a little spare time to do some exploring. I love this on a Sunday before a show. A period of quiet before the busy day ahead, and since I'm in a strange town, the chance to check out a few sights. 

The sight that had fascinated me most as I drove between the show and hotel, was a late VW bay window pickup sat on top of a shipping container. It's very visible on a roundabout, helped by the headlights working at night. 

Sneaking into the little industrial estate it lives on, I was able to get up close and take some photos. Working around the front, it was unnerving to see a couple of realistic dummies in the cab looking at me!

While it's an eye-catching advert for Adrian Welch Glazing, it seems a shame that a rare vehicle is sitting out in all weathers with the tin-worn doing its worst. At a rough guess, there's £10,000 of Volkswagen here, crying out for restoration!

In the same yard, there is a K6 telephone box. 


Also in need of restoration. Mainly paint and glazing admittedly, and they can probably handle that. 

Behind the yard is a huge cemetry - Hyde Park Cemetry to be precise. 

A4 Bench

With a better than normal memorial bench - very appropriate for a train-themed weekend!

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