Monday, February 13, 2023

Finished flat four engine

1/4 scale VW engine

And with that. the VW engine is complete. Mounted on its base containing the batteries, the model can be made to work at the touch of a button. It looks great, I'm glad that I painted a few of the parts, it lifts the result a lot compared to the pure plastic version on the box, and makes it very much my model.

This has been a really enjoyable kit to build, and has helped give me a bit of my modelling mojo back. With a bit of luck, this will hang around for a while. I've already started on the next project...

I'll post a video of the model working tomorrow with a bit of luck.


Steve said...

It looks fantastic ! looking forward to the video

Christopher said...

Well done Phil! It is always satisfying to complete something, and it is good to hear that this has given you some encouragement.