Sunday, February 26, 2023

TT:120 station

Time for me to appear in a new publication - in a brand new (to the UK) scale. 

Yes, I'm writing for the Hornby TT:120 Club magazine. 

Now, you know I'm a practical guy, and so you might think the options in a scale primarily geared towards people who like to buy their models RTR is limited, but no. There is a growing aftermarket supporting the scale, and that's where I'm looking. 

First out of the blocks, even before Hornby themselves had said anything officially, were Peco, with a range of track and some laser-cut wooden buildings. 

My first project is their stone station building.

It's a nice little model, really giving off those "cute" vibes I used to get from my 3mm scale modelling. The kit is cleverly designed, and enjoyable to build, although there are a couple of potential pitfalls I explain in the article. 

Peco station


Christopher said...

That’s an attractive station building for a small layout. (Perhaps a GWR expert would be able to say whether it is a standard design?) It looks like it might be based on Bridport (West Bay) in Dorset.

I suppose time will tell if Hornby’s foray into TT:120 is a success. I can see the appeal and the thinking behind it, but Hornby seem to have a fixation with “big” (mainline) locomotives. Without suitable branch line motive power, the scope for railway modellers must be limited at present?

James Finister said...

Not quite a standard design, but it was found on a number of different branch lines, sometimes built in brick. I know the architects name, but can't recall it at the moment

jamfjord said...

Nice article, Phil, and pitched at the right level, I think. If Hornby's strategy pays off, we could hopefully see an influx of new modellers without deep knowledge of railways, perhaps, but possibly previous experience in crafting or modelling other subjects that they are eager to try out in their new hobby.

I do share Christopher's wish to see more than just mainline express locomotives, but I can appreciate that we're in very early days and hopefully all that will come with time. Even so, I'm still pretty excited about this scale - not at the expense of my interest in OO or N, but as another interesting thing to explore and have fun with. Sometime in the future, though... I have plenty to occupy me right now ;)

Phil Parker said...

I'll admit, I'd love to see a Pannier tank, B set and a few wagons. That would make for the perfect BLT starter stock.