Monday, February 27, 2023

Wheel inserts


A nifty feature of many Boot Lane kits is the conversion of Binnie wheels into driving wheels by using some 3D printed inserts. A pair are provided, one with and one without a hole for a crankpin. 

I'm assuming that a pair are supplied for each wheel to even out the stresses of them being forced into the wheel. They could represent balance weights, but on this loco you won't see them, so that would be a bit of a waste of time. 

Fitting is a matter of a few seconds forcing them into the wheels between the spokes. I use some parallel jawed pliers for this to ensure they go in straight, because I paid a lot of money for these tools and so I like to find excuses to use them!

No glue is required, the glass-filled nylon wheels grip them well enough, and now we are ready to fit them to the chassis.

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