Sunday, September 24, 2023

009 Society 50th Anniversary show

DHLR micro

What a terrific day. 

There's no argument. This collection of 009 layouts, brought together at Statfold Barn to celebraite the Societies 50th borthday, was superb. 

It would be hard to pick a favourite as there wasn't a single duff model in the hall. Every single one was different, and none looked like a mainline station relaid in Peco "Crazy Track". It seems people are looking at prototypes and modelling them. 

I met many old freinds, and there was a lot of chat. To really appreciate the displays, I'd have needed to turn up on both days. Mind you, I'd probably have just done more yakking! If I saw you there, it was good to meet. If I missed you, sorry. 

Anyway, a couple of models that stuck in my mind were both of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The Little Himalayan Railway is a micro, but unusually well modelled. When did you last see a tea plantation on a layout? I rather like the posters on the concrete wall too. Properly faded, and loads of identical ones - just like you see in prototype photos.

DHLR town

Somewhat larger, is Kurseong. Again, beautifully modelled and full of scratchbuilt buildings that look like the real thing. I'd love to do a proper photo shoot on it...

You can see a video here. 

And this is just two of the 50 layouts present. I snapped away on my phone, and the better images can be found over on Flickr


Michael Campbell said...

Nice to see you Phil, if briefly. Kurseong is superb, and won the vote for most appealing layout. The show was superb, as was the venue, and the dinner. An excellent event.

Nick Brad said...

I attended on the Sunday with my youngest, unfortunately she did get bored easily in the hall so I didn't see as much as I'd have liked, but on the flip side, they have so many other attractions at Statfold, that it wasn't a concern.
I particularly liked the modular railway in the centre of the hall, as myself and a group of friends, (most volunteer or work at Statfold,) are building a modular layout for their show next year, there was plenty of inspiration to be taken.

Anonymous said...

I thought for a moment those are wineyards in the first picture