Friday, September 22, 2023

Plaster N gauge buildings


Three, very nice, N gauge (OK, scale, but you know what I mean) buildings, for a fiver. Thanks Elaine's Trains at TINGS. Apparently, they were part of a much larger collection, that mostly sold out on the Saturday. 

I'm told the manufacturer is SD Models, although they don't appear to be related to S&D Models, but I do remember hearing the name in the past. Do they still exist? 

Made of plaster, each model has been in the wars with chips and dings. I'm hoping that a little touching in with thinned paint will hide the worst damage. Being plaster though, the colours and wall textures are superb. 

To be honest, I bought these out of curiosity, and because I sometimes need to set up photographic scenes, and my N gauge building collection is minimal. These might appear in the few backgrounds in the future. 

This is one of the reasons I go to shows. You don't get bargains like this on the web!


Simon Hargraves said...

I vaguely remember a company called SD Mouldings (rather than Models) in about the early to mid 1980s, could that be it?

Phil Parker said...

I wondered about this, but seem to remember that those were resin and unpainted. I'll need to go back through some old model railway mags to check. There was a lovely model of Dunster market hall I think.