Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Waterborne Wednesday: Liverpool workboat

Crane boat

A mystery from my Manx trip. Spotted in Liverpool, while we waited to board the ferry, was this boat with a crane on the end of it. Oddly, I didn't take many photos, mostly because the view was obscured by the plans you canjust see in shot. 

Had I managed to bag the name of the vessel, we could have looked it up, but in this case, Buddleia stopped play!


Steven B said...

Looks like MSC BUFFALO.

There are a number of ship tracking websites that are useful for working out the names of ships you can't see clearly enough to read the name.

Phil Parker said...

Excellent spot - a quick dig online provides lots of photos -

What a cracking model it would make. But only after I built the other 50 or so projects I have ideas and kits for!

James Finister said...

Sarik do these plans for a sand dredger. but also see

James Finister said...

Oddly the ship Chris's model is based on has ended its days about eighteen miles from here as a target on the Holbeach range. There is very little left today