Sunday, January 01, 2006

The 40 year old boat project

40 year old model boat
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Let me introduce possibly the oldest model boat never to have sailed in anger.

40 years ago this month a plan appear in Model Maker magazine for a Vosper boat. My Dad liked the look of it and started to build himself a model.

The boat was 2/3rds complete and then work stopped. For years it lived in various unsuitable places including a shed drawer. Amazingly it survived reasonably intact.

A couple of years ago the model found an indoor home and has since been restored and nearly finished. One of the jobs I have carried out over the Christmas period is to spray the main colours. This is a bigger job than it should be as my Badger 200 airbrush doesn't really push out enough paint for a job this size. The results are OK though.

The motor and radio gear are now fitted, something that couldn't have been contemplated in the 1960's with radio control costing many weeks wages for a single channel !

All that's left to do is for the finishing touches to be applied and the ice to melt on the local boating lake. Once we have the maiden voyage I'll post some more pics.

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