Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy running

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That's another show over with. Another layout badge added to the pile that will go on the badge board once it gets made.

Apart from a point motor that played up, everything went well. The point motor was first diagnosed as a faulty switch. Needless to say I had forgotten spares so I nipped off to see Squires and was met with the comment, "Are your operators adding to my profits ?". Mr Squires has obviously seen a few layout owners turn up slightly flustered and purchasing a small item, before !

The switch was replaced but it made little difference. So I squirted the motor with WD40 and everything was fine. No idea why it stopped working properly as it had been fine all day.

It's strange that despite the layout having been out before we still found little niggles. One of the points is a little tight. Not bad enough to warrant tweaking with a soldering iron at the show, but it needs attention. Perhaps we are getting used to the model and more picky and spotting the smaller issues. If we keep at it like this everything will be perfect !

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