Sunday, January 29, 2006

Looking rubbish

Boat hull in a spray booth
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Well, I’ve done it. The hull has been rubbed down to remove the rough paint that resulted from the runs. I decided to the finish the bow as well with its little extensions. As this has to be painted in the main colour, it seemed sensible.

This time the paint went well. Admittedly I was working with an airbrush (set to as wide a spray pattern as it manages) and a hair dryer in the other. That paint wasn’t going anywhere as once it hit the hull, I hit it with some heat !

Result – A nice job. The green is now smooth and has good depth of colour. I’m chuffed.

One thing I had forgotten was how to hold a big item like this. It kept hitting this as I moved around. Fortunately only the masked sections touched anything else so I got away with it. In future a bit more planning would be a good idea.

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