Monday, January 16, 2006

St Albans

Hellingly Loco
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Time to take a layout on it's travels again. It was the turn of The Hellingly Hospital Railway to go to St Albans. We should have gone last year but illness prevented it. Embarassing but there's not a lot you can do sometimes.

Anyway, this is a show with a really good reputation - something that it lived up to this year. There was also a good attendance. At most shows there is a lull at lunchtime but not here. At the end of the day on Sunday we even wondered if they were going to go home ! Prize goes to the man taking his grandson around five minutes before the death saying "We've still go to see upstairs". With 3 floors he was really going to have to go some !

The layout ran nicely with only minor niggles. Considering the heat in our basement location this was good news. We even managed to run the electirc locos without the trolley poles flicking off any more than normal.

Operation wasn't heleped by a doggy steak & ale pie on Saturday night (only one pint so it wasn't that) laying me low for Sunday. My Dad did most of the work, a real trial since the Hospital isn't the most interesting layout in the world to run.

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