Saturday, January 28, 2006

I hate paint

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Most of my boat hull has been painted with car aerosols but I fancied that the green should be done with the airbrush. I wanted to use a mid green and knew that Humbrol produced something suitable in a semi-gloss.

As the whole hull is to be semi-gloss (bought the varnish), this should allow me to brush paint windows etc and retain the common look that's important to the appearance of the model.

My airbrush as mentioned before, doesn't chuck out enough paint for a large model and my over-enthusiasm gets the better of me. Too much paint in small areas results in runs which ruins the finish.

Strangely, one side of the model is perfect, the other has runs. Pity really as the masking went pretty well and if I didn't need to rub back the paint and touch it up I would be moving on to the next stage of the build.

Does anyone have any advice for dealing with runs as they happen. I know I shouldn't get any (two thin coats is better than one thick one etc.) but I do and wiping the excess away isn't the solution.

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