Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Barclay Loco

Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Ahh the end of Christmas holidays. A day off with nothing much to do except suffer from a cold and a kit that needs building.

A relaxed day later and the Mercian Models kit is partly in primer. The kit assembles well, the only tricky section being the bonnet bending.

Like all models, the detailing is the slow bit of the job. Putting those bonet handles on was a bind until I cleaned the iside of the bonnet (dirty from anealing) annd used a card template to hold all the hadles to the correct distance from the sides. Soldering from the iside is quick and easy then.

My camera isn't doing the model any favours, that handrail isn't as wobbly as it looks and the wide angle lens has distorted the verticals. Still, at least you can see it.

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