Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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For reasons that will become clear to you soon dear reader, I need a crew for a Clyde Puffer. So I sent off to George Turner for one of his sets of 1/32nd people. After more than a little deliberation I chose my set, send off just over a tenner and a few days later received a package in the post.

The model sailors contained inside were made of polyester resin. A little flash was present but nothing gentle scraping wouldn’t remove easily. They also seemed to be more slippery than resin usually is – I took this to be a residue of release agent and gave then all a scrub with washing up liquid but it didn’t really make a difference.

Resin in the raw isn’t the easiest material to see detail in. Normally I wouldn’t bother to prime it but this time I did to reveal the detail properly. Cheapo car primer worked fine. Since most modern cars are made of plastic I suppose it is what it’s designed for nowadays.

Anyway, here is the crew in their glory. With a bit more painting they will adorn a suitable model boat in a few days.

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