Saturday, March 03, 2007

How do normal people do this ?

Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Today I replaced the battery in the back of a watch. This entailed removing four screws to open the back and then three more screws to get the battery out. I thin had to put them all back in again once the new cell was in place.

If, unlike me, you don’t have drawers full of tiny screwdrivers and tweezers – how would you do this ?


tomdg said...

Take it to a watch shop. Or buy a new watch. Generally I tend to break watches before the batteries run out :(

Phil Parker said...

That's the trouble with people today, the throw away society. No-one fixes things anymore.
Anyway, I must go, need to re-sole my shoes and then make fire by rubbing sticks together :-)

da5id said...

I have one or two small screwdrivers that are magnetised. Not always what you want in a screwdriver, but handy for small screws or those in tight places.