Friday, March 16, 2007

I finally make something !

Idris front
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Idris needed some way for the crew to tie up at the quayside. Since no parts are provided in the kit for this I fiddled around with some plastic to make bollards to do the job.

Size was worked out by punching circles in .5mm (I think, didn’t bother to measure) sheet with an office hole punch and then picking plastic tube of about the right thickness. The base is leftover sheet from another kit.

I like this odd’n’ends fiddling around. Making bits out of scrap is fun and when it goes well, very satisfying. Add to this the satisfaction of making something quickly and it’s all good news.

A quick coat of matt aluminium paint to the bollards and some parts from a boat show and the model is nearly finished. With the weather improving she should get a proper maiden voyage this weekend.

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