Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I never learn

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Thanks to a couple of meetings in London I faced an hour and half-long train ride this afternoon. Since I don’t have a handy paperback to entertain me a trip to Smiths for some reading matter. A few minutes and seven quid later I’m the owner of a mag on VW Campervans and a copy of Model Rail.

The reason I bought the magazine was because of the main cover story “The Jet Age” promising to tell me how to model BR’s gas turbines. This is a subject that interests me a lot. I’ve read the books and even have a rather lumpy model based on a fibreglass or resin body that dates from some time in the 1980’s that I picked up on a second hand stall years ago. It’s in the projects drawer waiting for me to get around to it – like so many other jobs !

So I read the article and remembered why I normally don’t buy the magazine. It wasn’t that it was a bad piece, just that it had enough information to get interesting but not enough detail. And it’s always like this. Promising reading that fizzles out.

The problem is of course that Model Rail is a fine magazine, just not for me. I’m a long way from the target market it’s aimed at. This is fine as there are a lot more beginners and intermediate modellers (a bit of a lumpy term but I can’t think of anything better) than finescalers like me who want to make stuff and will read long articles on fiddling with brass or worrying about obscure details. I suppose that’s why they are still in business !

Still, I got to look at some nice pictures and will keep the article, complete with the rather nice plan of GT3, in the collection. Perhaps I’ll build my own turbine one day, but not this week…

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